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Top-Rated Investigations is YOUR Personal Investigator.


With over 10 years in the field, you can rest assured that we know our business completely.


We deliver unsurpassed turnaround times and quality investigations at competitive rates.


We never lose sight of the ethical lines that are ever changing and stay on the side of right.


Our goal is to deliver the absolute best quality and specialized training to our clients daily.


Experience is a Matter of Fact

Top-Rated Investigations can investigate claims that help insurance companies and the self insured fight fraudulent insurance claims. There are many techniques that we use including activity checks, interviews and public records searches. These include court records, driving history, employment history, professional credentials and licenses, workers' compensation claim history and neighborhood checks. Also, you may consider using our surveillance and recorded statement services to discover fraud. Top-Rated Investigations has been providing professional, cost-effective, high quality surveillance and customized investigative services for the insurance, legal and corporate communities as well as for private clients for years. When protecting your assets or uncovering the facts, experience matters. Choose Top-Rated Investigations where experience is a matter of fact!

Our Company Pledge


At Top-Rated Investigations, we not only value our clients but also appreciate and respect our employees. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a professional, passionate and fun work environment that encourages continuing education, training, and promotion from within. Top-Rated Investigations conducts quarterly meetings designed to refine investigative techniques, share the latest industry news, and promote team building skills. Top-Rated Investigations understands that happy employees produce outstanding service, which ultimately affects the quality of your investigations.

Our mission is to always put our customer's priorities first by establishing a long term partnership with our clients. This means truly listening to what your Investigative needs are, working together to formulate the most effective solution and delivering successful outcomes on your claims.

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