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Top-Rated Investigations is a nationwide investigative agency providing high quality, cost effective investigative services for the insurance and legal communities. We are detail oriented professional investigators who provide consistent, honest and reliable results for our clients. We focus on our clients' specific requirements and can adapt any or all of our services to fit your needs. Our comprehensive industry-leading report format and daily updates set us apart from all others in the field.

Top-Rated Investigations specializes in surveillance. All of our investigators are thoroughly trained and equipped with covert cameras and modern surveillance vans or appropriate vehicles. Each investigator is apprised of our client's expectations and the legal limitations of all surveillance.

A crucial element that separates Top-Rated Investigations from our competitors is our comprehensive computer database research. Our research is conducted before one minute of your valuable surveillance budget is expended. This research includes motor vehicle identification, name, address and telephone number confirmation. We also guarantee a level of daily communication that is unparalleled in the industry.

Background Investigations:

We offer comprehensive national background checks to all of our valued clients. This service can provide peace of mind to corporate clients and select members of the private sector. Top-Rated Investigations utilizes several national computer databases to provide a true picture of potential employees, or prospective business partners. We can investigate criminal and civil records as well as real estate holdings and prior business dealings. We can identify past employment issues and assist in confirming the true net worth and education level of a prospective business partner or litigant.


Recorded Statements & Witness locates:

Surveillance Investigation Florida - Accident Scene Investigation Orlando Top-Rated Investigations obtains recorded statements for the insurance and legal communities.

The heart of every claims investigation is the recorded statement. If conducted properly, the transcript of a witness interview may be extremely valuable in evaluating liability, damages, and coverage. It may also assist in "locking the witness" into certain accounts of events which may protect the insured and/or the carrier in later litigation.

However, if conducted improperly, the recorded statement may still form the "heart" of the case a bad faith claim against the insurance carrier. For these reasons, it is essential that recorded statements be conducted thoroughly and properly. While a complete discussion of recorded statements would truly encompass the breadth of claims investigation as a whole. The recorded statement will also prepare everyone for future surveillance. Top-Rated Investigations locates witnesses for trial or for insurance related purposes. We excel in time sensitive cases and welcome the challenge of rush assignments. We also provide locate services for select members of the private sector.



Top-Rated Investigations investigative team conducts an investigation within the claimant’s current or previous residence in order to determine if the claimant has received any medical treatment in a hospital or obtained any prescription medication before, during, or after the period of time proceeding the reported injury or date of loss.

A Hospital Canvass can provide you with the following:

  • Identifying pre-existing injuries, pre-dating your date of loss.
  • A complete medical hospital treatment history.
  • In order to accomplish this task, a complete and all-inclusive canvass of area hospitals must be conducted. This will assist you with a better understanding of their past medical treatment history.

This canvass includes the following:

  • Identification of all addresses the claimant resided.
  • Thorough Canvassing of area Hospitals at each identified locations.
  • A specialized format for easy dissemination of information.

Both Hospital and pharmacy canvasses are conducted in the vicinity of the claimant's residence. Please note that pharmacy records typically are maintained for one to three years.

Accident Investigations:

Accident investigations are intended to determine how and why accidents occur. However, the Highway Patrol or local police officers have varying degrees of training and experience in accident investigation and may have a conscious, unconscious or institutionalized bias. By using the information gained through an independent accident investigation, and exposing the weaknesses and possible bias of a California Highway Patrol or police accident investigation following an accident. In fact, the law is clear that if the accident could not have been avoided, then drinking prior to the accident or even driving under the influence or with a blood alcohol level at or above the legal limit cannot be said to be a legal cause of the collision.


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